My Sunday night PowerMom shout out🎉goes to my beautiful friend and dreamcatcher Alexia!! I am so beyond ecstatic for my girl who just recently hit a HUGE milestone in our company..she hit one star with our amazing nutritional cleansing company! 🌟{sending massive love to this mom on a mission}
This may not mean much to you because you may have no idea what one star even means but let's just say she's helping a lot of people achieve health and prosperity along side her own Vedic astrology business and being a fulltime mom! Love the ease that she is creating while sharing so many of her passions and gifts to serve others! I am beyond proud and honored to be on this journey with you Alexia! Nothing cooler than watching your friends grow and develop in this business and shine their infinite light!💫🙏🏻Keep catching those dreams girl!

🌟and beyond....

Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

They say your vibe attracts your tribe. Well here's a handful of them. It's such a blessing to be surrounded by people who see a bigger vision of what's possible. Who do not allow fear to overwhelm but to support one another to fight fear with courage. Who dare to dream big. Are limitless in their thinking. Who are striving to be the best version of themselves. People from all different walks of life, hustling this business alongside motherhood, unemployment, part time or full time careers. Using this gift as a vehicle to free themselves. Building a legacy of healthy and prosperity and creating that ripple on a global scale! So proud of this amazing journey that I jumped into 2 years ago and for all these incredible souls that I've met along the way…We have grown so much and continue to inspire others together, this is like another family to me. Through laughter, tears, goosebumps, and pure joy...You all have no idea how much you mean to me and how much you touch my heart and soul. Who would have thought this whole journey began with just a few shakes and some lbs lost? {lol}.. And here I am learning amongst some of the most influential leaders in this industry paving the way for more Dreamcatchers to shine their lights and transform their lives!!! Even when times got rough I always remember "The only way to fail is to quit". So glad I listened…. 

Rise by Lifting Others

Life is meant to be of ease..{maybe it doesn't always seem that way but...} When you stop resisting help, guidance, and love from others {including this abundant universe that's always giving} you begin to create an awareness that we have a ton of support around us at all times, it's always available to us especially when you need it most. We rise by lifting others and allowing others to lift us.

Seeking Possibilitarians, Dreamers, Healers, Creators

Brutal and honest truth...sorry but sometimes we need a wake up call.


Are you truly feeling like you ARE living a life that tugs at your heart, fulfilling your passions, desires, and dreams?


There's a saying that it doesn't feel like work when you LOVE what you do...if you are still searching, lets chat.. I am always seeking positive health conscious dreamers motivated to help others transform to their highest self while creating a life of health and prosperity

Be the Example..

What I love best about what I do is the example I am setting for my girls. To show them that mommy CAN have it all. I can have my cake AND eat it too. I can create a business working on my own terms, creating a life of purpose, passion, and FUN, while creating a financial future of abundance, serving people from a place of health, peace, and prosperity.

I am forever grateful to pave the way and share with them my goodies too. Love that my inspiration has trickled down and they are always eager to help mama! This was my little one {ref to as my mini-me lol} using her little entrepreneurial skills and manning shop while we had a blow out yoga sale at the studio! 

Who needs a lemonade stand when you can Replenish with electrolytes!😜 My little helper was there to Hydrate all our yogis @treptayoga Mega Yoga Sale🎉🙏 Who doesn't love $40% Off designer Yoga Clothes and Free Yumminess!! Free Amped Hydrate while you shop, especially from this little cutie💕😄 ॐ

Happy to Replenish and Hydrate our students after a sweet yoga practice!!!😘

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