Never Give Up

Plant your seeds~

I just have to say that the beauty of my job is so so much more than weight loss, energy, and money. Although those things have been life changing for my family and I, unequivocally, the BEST part about this venture has been watching others lights turn on. I am beyond grateful to learn and grow among those that see a greater purpose, a better way, and are ready to share this incredible gift of giving and freedom. My friend Jesus had one of those moments and shared this in our private business support group...  

"I just would like to share to everyone something I have realized. This Network is a seed that your upline has given to you. It can grow as big or as small as you want it to be & the only one who is in charge of which roots your tree has, how strong your trunk is (training and tools), and how many branches your branches grow (those blooming their own Networks from your tree) is yourself. You have the power to take this seed and do whatever you want with it! YOUR TREE IS YOUR TREE! And the only way your tree will not grow, is if you throw your seed into the garbage, no matter what it will grow. It is your decision how and what it grows into!!" 

He adds, which is my favorite part…"and remember the branches on your tree that do not produce other branches, still produce fruit which makes your tree beautiful! and the ones who DO produce other branches make your tree bigger"

How powerful! thank you for these wise words and reminding me of the beautiful tree I am growing just by planting those seeds not too long ago…

Motivational Monday

We always say in our company, "You see all the glory but you don't know their story". Sometimes people can get caught up in all the hype and the wealth, from the outside perspective, that they forget to take a step back and see the person's struggles to get to where they are today. If you had a strong enough why, you would see that it takes a few tears to push you towards what you are truly seeking.  So when you feel like you are catching yourself judging or comparing yourself to someone else's story, take a moment and reflect on the fact that we each have our own journey, we all have our own personal why that drives us to do what we do, and we each have our own story to tell. It doesn't matter how long it takes you to get to where you want to be, just never give up! 


Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the Life you have always imagined.
— #dreamcatchers

Nothing excites me more than watching our team grow! I am so honored to be working along side some of my best friends, constantly creating new friendships, and helping to guide people to achieve a Life filled with fun, drive, passion, purpose, inspiration, abundance, achievement and possibility! In what other world do you get to build a business where positive people help lift each other up, encourage personal development, and have unlimited support for one another!? Well, this industry (that in the past I didn't really understand or care to learn more about) EXISTS! And I am so blessed that IT FOUND ME, ironically at my lowest point where we were struggling to "just get by" and I just wanted to get out of my unbalanced funk. Now I always say that weightloss was just an added bonus! lol 

I have learned so much and grown so much because of this business in only a little over a year so I am SO EXCITED for what the future holds for all of us! We are blessed to be able to surround ourselves with like minded people sharing common visions as we are building together to make dreams a reality, learning from the greatest in our company. I could only imagine that this may sound cliche, especially from the outside looking in, but I am telling you that this opportunity has seriously saved myself and my family, no more hubby working 2 jobs, no more worrying about bills, no more counting calories, all while combining 2 necessities in life, health and wealth! I am able to achieve a life worth living, not a life always feeling like we were trying to keep afloat. This is not just a J-O-B but a LEGACY for us to leave behind for our children to experience the good life, for us to finally achieve our dream vacation to disney and to never have financial fear, to show them how to appreciate that it doesn't come for free but with perseverance, work, and sacrifice we have the ability to make our dreams come true. 

So blessed to be with my girls for our FUN HEALTHY PARTY the other night, sharing our vision ….it was an absolute reminder that know I am on the exact path I was always destined to be on!!! 

To learn more bout dream catchers and the reason we have chose our team name>> "The original web dream catcher of the Ojibwa was intended to teach natural wisdom. They were woven by the grandfathers and grandmothers for newborn children and hung above the cradleboard to give the infants peaceful, beautiful dreams. The night air is filled with dreams. Good dreams are clear and know the way to the dreamer, descending through the feathers. The slightest movement of the feathers indicated the passage of yet another beautiful dream. Bad dreams, however, are confused and confusing. They cannot find their way through the web and are trapped there until the sun rises and evaporates them like the morning dew."

We love how symbolic this creative craft is for our very spirited team, we all believe in the law of attraction and envision what we want to manifest into our lives. We each believe we serve a greater purpose here on this Earth and our dreams are to help others find their own place to give. Unfortunately, the negative thoughts can certainly take over at times, Life is not always easy and there are definitely challenges venturing on new land along this journey. That is all apart of the experience but as we are gaining insight...We wish to rid our minds of those "bad dreams" and negative self chatter, only to make space for abundant positive thoughts and to manifest our dreams into a reality. The dream catcher represents the perfect symbol of what we ultimately are seeking, to catch our dream while pursuing our visions. To learn more about Dream Catchers check out this site!>>