I am Yoga

I can't get enough of Thankful Thursday! Feeling ultimately blessed for such a high vibe day! Play with the little one at Gymboree. Consignment shopping (my secret obsession) with my MIL. Masterminding with my beautiful yogini dreamcatchers. And sharing my love of Yoga, connecting to our happy place, our hOMeॐ away from home, with Sky's Girl Scout troop! 🙏

Dare to trust your intuition. Dare to trust in the journey. Believe that you are designed to live a good life. I encourage you to tune into what your heart desires and chase it unapologetically. Be the unicorn!

Feeling so beyond blessed I have been afforded these opportunities to serve others and spread the light!

Breath of Fresh Air…...

Yoga teachers devote hours of their time and thousands of dollars to learn and grow in their practice. Sacrificing so much of their energy for their students and traveling all around the world to study under the best of the best to be able to bring the wisdom back to the class and into the hearts and souls of others. This is one of the reasons I did not start my journey sooner, in fear of the financial responsibility that lingers to "get by" (or worse put yourself in doubt). People don't realize that this is a constant battle of endless heartache, as I hear yoga teachers struggling all of the time to keep serving because they can not afford to continue their practice or aren't making enough to survive, earning very little each class taught. Some are overworked, stressed out, and exhausted teaching 10-20 classes each week to keep the abundance flowing in so they can "just survive". Working weekends and holidays, sometimes with disappointment if no one shows and won't get paid. I've met some that have quit their full-time successful corporate job to selflessly share and give one of the greatest gifts only to be left discouraged. Doesn't sound very peaceful huh? I am so blessed to have a vehicle that allows me the opportunity to love my practice and share without fear to reinvest what I make to develop my growth as a healer. I would like to honor my nutritional program for making this all possible. When once I counted every single penny coming in and out of our household, I just signed up for another yoga workshop with my YTT's in Morristown without one ounce of worry or concern about how much it cost, this is such a breath of fresh air.............. 


{Birds of a feather flock together } 
||| Dreamcatchers |||


What excites me!!!!!!

What excites me?! Growing a family of people to build lasting memories with! Along this beautiful journey, sharing visions and dreams and making them a reality, I am feeling so unequivocally blessed to be surrounded by so many people that see the light, not just within themselves but, within each and every one of us! We lift eachother up and there is nothing more powerful than that type of bond. Sometimes we forget that those we surround ourselves with most are that which we will emanate! Find those that lift you up and you too will always be shining your light bright! Had such an awesome time today pretending I was a kid! Always embrace the inner child within, we all started off as beautiful little innocent babies with so much possibility, faith, and hope…Stay in tune and do not forget your true nature.