Welcome to the Tribe

So excited to Welcome another amazing friend and natural healer to our tribe of Dreamcatchers, paving the way, helping others towards Wellness and Prosperity!! When you can inspire yourself you can inspire others...never doubt what you are capable of by sharing a beautiful gift of Health and Abundance.....Blossom to your fullest potential! 

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Where you are now is not what determines your future. The current path is a journey, you never know where valuable lessons will be learned in order to grow in order to choose the path that will lead you to fulfill your ultimate desire and dreams...

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Plant your seeds~

I just have to say that the beauty of my job is so so much more than weight loss, energy, and money. Although those things have been life changing for my family and I, unequivocally, the BEST part about this venture has been watching others lights turn on. I am beyond grateful to learn and grow among those that see a greater purpose, a better way, and are ready to share this incredible gift of giving and freedom. My friend Jesus had one of those moments and shared this in our private business support group...  

"I just would like to share to everyone something I have realized. This Network is a seed that your upline has given to you. It can grow as big or as small as you want it to be & the only one who is in charge of which roots your tree has, how strong your trunk is (training and tools), and how many branches your branches grow (those blooming their own Networks from your tree) is yourself. You have the power to take this seed and do whatever you want with it! YOUR TREE IS YOUR TREE! And the only way your tree will not grow, is if you throw your seed into the garbage, no matter what it will grow. It is your decision how and what it grows into!!" 

He adds, which is my favorite part…"and remember the branches on your tree that do not produce other branches, still produce fruit which makes your tree beautiful! and the ones who DO produce other branches make your tree bigger"

How powerful! thank you for these wise words and reminding me of the beautiful tree I am growing just by planting those seeds not too long ago…