Never Take Life For Granted

This entry is for all those that take Life, here in this form, for granted. I too am guilty of doing such, some days Life may seem overwhelming, chaotic, stressful, and feeling as though it can consume us. Have you ever had one of those days?

I got news that a dear friend, Nick Ditaranto, was suddenly, without warning, taken from this Earth.  I am still in shock. He was no ordinary person, for he had ambition and a strong vision, to live an extraordinary life. He had a burning desire to help people. With his innovative mind he saw that there was a better way to live life passionately and wanted to show the World his magic. I could hear the excitement in his voice when he would conjure up an idea and his light would radiate with his big smile. He strived to heal and inspire people while in the process healing himself.  Can’t we all relate? We are all a work in progress, only Nick envisioned what he truly desired. His laughter could fill a room and his spirit shined so bright. It breaks my heart that he was not able to shine his light here on Earth for longer and was taken before his vision was shared, as we always imagined it to be. For those of us that believe in another World, greater than this one, there is no doubt in my mind that he is there, manifesting what he has always wanted and shining bright. His soul will never be forgotten.

This moment of sadness has spread over me and I can not fathom why he was taken so suddenly, why he was not here to celebrate our future accomplishments together, and how someone so young with such ambition could be gone without warning. I was beyond excited to travel to San Diego with him and celebrate our vision with our team of dreamers. The thought made me sick and brought me into a place of darkness, Why? Why? As I sit, tears and goose bumps overcome my body, and I am awakened that he is the one, the one to remind us all, that good can come from each experience, each and every day, never to take life for granted. To be true to your desires and pursue them, especially when you want it bad enough, as he did. His soul will always ring true, to never take for granted what could be, the what if’s, and the what could have been’s. The greatest message he could have left behind would be to never give up on your dreams, big things can happen when you strive to achieve for them, to not worry about judgment of what others think because deep down we all know our deepest and darkest Why. If you knew that all could be gone in a split second, would you be living the life you are living today? What message and legacy will you leave in this World? What footprints will you leave behind?

Life’s not about the steps you’ve taken, or the places you have been, it’s about the footprints you leave behind.
— Unknown

Nick has left such an imprint on my heart and soul, he is a spirit that has struggled but overcame so much to never give up, even when you yourself are fearful and don’t believe, stay true to your faith, your purpose will find you. Fight for what you want to manifest into your Life. I know that Nick's strong spirit will always be with us and guide us to fulfill our vision together, you will be missed my friend. Together we will.