Divine Power of Healing...

Reiki has incredible powers far beyond what the human mind can grasp. 


Being a Reiki II Certified Practioner fills my heart and spirit with pure joy knowing i can share this divine gift of healing with others... the incredible experiences and people i have met over the past few days has completely filled my Soul cup! So beyond grateful to Insight Holistic Health, Beth Wishbow, for always giving the most amazing Training & Attunements to deepen my wisdom on this profound and spiritual connection to divine healing✨☺️

If you are interested in opening yourself to this divine way of healing, I have a table readily available to do house calls and a facility close by for booking a powerful healing session. You have to experience it to truly believe in it's magic......


All of my synchronicities have been reminding me that timing is everything. To stay true to the path. Trust that your time is meant to unfold for you when it is just right and meant to be...The Universe knows when it's the Divine and perfect opportunity to expand your manifestations, wishes, and desires. Keep planting your seeds and watch them grow🌿 #spiritualsunday#inspirationalthoughts #latenightreading 

What if you Fly?

"What if you fall, oh darling, what if you fly?"
I feel compelled to celebrate the opportunity and many blessings that I have been showered with ever since I began my business and path to healing. I humbly share the many gifts that were bestowed upon me to show you that this is an opportunity that is immeasurable. Beyond anything I can describe. I have been so so blessed by this opportunity to share health, wellness, and prosperity which has EXPANDED 10 fold!!!🦄 It's afforded me the time freedom to be with my family and have more experiences together, more specifically for my husband, by releasing him from the 2nd job that committed him to evenings and weekends AFTER his teaching job to now be with our girls more. It's given me the gift to help others feel incredible by sharing the gift of cleansing and amaiznggg nutrition while offering another way to prosperity for all those Dreamcatchers out there!💫 I was given an opportunity to finally Live my dream and become a Certified Yoga Teacher, in service of others, Living my dharma. To be able to fulfill a fantasy of taking my girls to Disney! And expand another extension of wellness by creating my own essential oil line, Mothers By Nature, giving everyone a taste of magic for the price they deserve🙏🏻. It has led me on such a beautiful path, and today I am proud to announce I have completed my Reiki Level 1 Certification! OMG THESE ARE PINCH ME MOMENTS! I am forever in gratitude of not only being able to help others but actually live this experience and so excited to see where it takes me next! For all you dreamers out there, never give up! Keep pushing toward what your heart tugs at. Follow your visions and dreams! An opportunity awaits..............✨❤🙏🏻 


"A storm may be raging in and/or around me, but within me at my Center is LOVE and LOVE only.
Life may be presenting me with challenges and/or strife, but within me is a PEACE beyond understanding.
Grief and/or fear may overwhelm me yet I choose COMPASSION.
No matter what is going on in my world, I vote for Love, Peace & Compassion.
I call upon this Infinite Love, Infinite Peace and Infinite Compassion already within me.
I surrender to being the spiritually mature being that I was born as.
I step up and I step out with Grace, knowing that how I am in the world makes a difference.
One minute at a time, breath by breath, heartbeat by heartbeat I chose Love, Peace and Compassion.
I wait not for something outside of me to make life better.
I wait not for someone else to make my world a better place.
I am actively and powerfully involved and engaged from the inside out as love, as peace and as compassion.
I NOW release WHATEVER has been or is in the way and I become more free to be the instrument of love, peace and compassion that the Infinite made me to be.
I am solidly centered in Truth!


~Center for Spiritual Living Morristown

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Take away the illusion, delusion..unfog your mirrors...

wipe away the junk you've created in your head.

It is time to get clear. It's time to release what isn't serving you thats making you feel disconnected and begin to dive into what you absolutely want, need, deserve, and require in Life. 

Let go of the story you've made up in your head as to how life should be lived, it all begins with a simple shift in mindset.

The WHY. 

What could you do differently NOW, TODAY..that could rewrite your entire story??

Change your thinking, Change YOUR Life!

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