Happy Feet

Have you ever taken a moment to just be still and honor your feet?

Seriously, this may sounds a little cheesy but the more you think about it the more it makes sense.....Have you ever looked down and said "Thank you feet, for always supporting me, always standing up for me, always being there to give me the next direction in which way to go."?

I also have to admit that this hasn't always been apart of my normal daily routine. But recently in my yoga practice, I have continuously been in such gratitude that my feet are always there for me, always present, always guiding me, and always consistently something that I can count on. Not everyone has this good fortune. Could you imagine how different your Life would be without your Feet???  So WHY is it that we don't take the time to truly honor the little things, such as our feet, in Life...When in actuality, are really THEE MOST IMPORTANT things in our Life! 

Well, It's simple.

We haven't allowed ourselves to SLOW DOWN! To give ourselves the time to truly just BE. To give our minds the SILENCE and our bodies the STILLNESS. We live in such a fast paced World that we have forgotten the oddly and miraculous Complex Simplicity that Life has to offer us. To admire the beauty that is bestowed upon us each and every day. We have been truly blessed with such a beautiful vehicle of working parts that are designed for just US! Our feet are so beyond cool in structure and form, think of all the little muscles and bones in just our feet alone! (26 little magical bones in just one foot to be exact!) And all of this is given nothing but pressure of our day, constant gravitational pull, a continuous act of balancing, and dare I say but being put in smelly or pointy shoes all day long...Ugh Some appreciation for some divinely inspired gift, huh? lol Well, we can change this! 

Mindful Message...

Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of awareness to realize what's truly important and it all comes down to this one word.........


When you connect gratitude to ANYTHING...your mind and heart chang on a vibrational level. You are sending out love, light, grace, and peace to it. Your heart opens up to giving and receiving, the Law of the Universal Power we are so ridiculously lucky to be apart of... When I am in my flow and on my mat, I bow down in honor of my feet on the Earth, and I mentally remind myself how insanely fortunate I am to have my feet to be my roots to connect me to the source {another words} to keep me grounded. Today I had the honor of practicing at this magical garden around the corner from the studio, to get my very own special and sacred practice in, while the little ones are off in school. (Gotta fill my soul-cup whenever possible #mommyconfesions). And I couldn't help myself from taking a picture of my "Happy Feet" being honored in my practice today. Try it! You will have a totally different appreciation for not just your feet but the World around you....

Pssst... If you didn't catch on to the idea of the Mindful Message....It doesn't just have to be your feet that you connect gratitude to! It can be anything and for anyone! Next time you are doing the dishes thank your hands for holding the dishes, the water for cleansing them, the soap for washing away the impurities, and the dishes on which make life conveniently less messy while eating! All it is, is a simple shift of mindset to give Gratitude that will make our lives go from chaotic to fulfilled. 

Many blessings my friends...

  I hope this little story of Happy Feet will inspire you to implement just a little more moments of bliss into your World as it does for mine!~Namaste

Yoga in the Magical Gardens

Yoga in the Magical Gardens