My Sunday night PowerMom shout out🎉goes to my beautiful friend and dreamcatcher Alexia!! I am so beyond ecstatic for my girl who just recently hit a HUGE milestone in our company..she hit one star with our amazing nutritional cleansing company! 🌟{sending massive love to this mom on a mission}
This may not mean much to you because you may have no idea what one star even means but let's just say she's helping a lot of people achieve health and prosperity along side her own Vedic astrology business and being a fulltime mom! Love the ease that she is creating while sharing so many of her passions and gifts to serve others! I am beyond proud and honored to be on this journey with you Alexia! Nothing cooler than watching your friends grow and develop in this business and shine their infinite light!💫🙏🏻Keep catching those dreams girl!

🌟and beyond....