Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

They say your vibe attracts your tribe. Well here's a handful of them. It's such a blessing to be surrounded by people who see a bigger vision of what's possible. Who do not allow fear to overwhelm but to support one another to fight fear with courage. Who dare to dream big. Are limitless in their thinking. Who are striving to be the best version of themselves. People from all different walks of life, hustling this business alongside motherhood, unemployment, part time or full time careers. Using this gift as a vehicle to free themselves. Building a legacy of healthy and prosperity and creating that ripple on a global scale! So proud of this amazing journey that I jumped into 2 years ago and for all these incredible souls that I've met along the way…We have grown so much and continue to inspire others together, this is like another family to me. Through laughter, tears, goosebumps, and pure joy...You all have no idea how much you mean to me and how much you touch my heart and soul. Who would have thought this whole journey began with just a few shakes and some lbs lost? {lol}.. And here I am learning amongst some of the most influential leaders in this industry paving the way for more Dreamcatchers to shine their lights and transform their lives!!! Even when times got rough I always remember "The only way to fail is to quit". So glad I listened….