Be the Example..

What I love best about what I do is the example I am setting for my girls. To show them that mommy CAN have it all. I can have my cake AND eat it too. I can create a business working on my own terms, creating a life of purpose, passion, and FUN, while creating a financial future of abundance, serving people from a place of health, peace, and prosperity.

I am forever grateful to pave the way and share with them my goodies too. Love that my inspiration has trickled down and they are always eager to help mama! This was my little one {ref to as my mini-me lol} using her little entrepreneurial skills and manning shop while we had a blow out yoga sale at the studio! 

Who needs a lemonade stand when you can Replenish with electrolytes!😜 My little helper was there to Hydrate all our yogis @treptayoga Mega Yoga Sale🎉🙏 Who doesn't love $40% Off designer Yoga Clothes and Free Yumminess!! Free Amped Hydrate while you shop, especially from this little cutie💕😄 ॐ

Happy to Replenish and Hydrate our students after a sweet yoga practice!!!😘

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