Sending massive love celebrating my soul sista Annie Tyburski Jones!!!! We instantly connected when we began collaborating for a local non-profit and sharing our visions of helping others, she developed a 5K fundraiser that I was so excited to be apart of. This amazing mom of 2 was one of the first people I thought of to share this opportunity and gift with, I know she naturally has the gift of healing people in all aspects. Annie is a yoga and dance teacher using her creativity and passion to show people how to live a life of fun and ease! I was not surprised when she said "this is a no brainer"! The whole nutritional system made her feel so AMAZING she decided to jump in and begin sharing along side her many other talents. Again, no surprise she has just hit a HUGE milestone, earning the title of ONE STAR⭐️, in our nutritional company, not only consistently earning residual income but some pretty sweet bonuses along the way!!🙏🏻☺️ 
Goes to show you how you can create this as a part time business with such ease and reap so many amazing benefits without interfering with what you are currently happy elated for you and your boys Annie!!!! You are a breath of fresh air and the perfect example of catching your dreams!!!⭐️