Noisy Monsters in our Head

Do you sometimes feel like you are battling monsters in your head? You don’t know why you are here and life doesn’t seem clear? (Unintentional rhyme, in the Dr.Seuss spirit!) Do you sometimes feel like your mind tells you one thing yet your intuition and gut tell you another?

My daughter and I were having this chat while we were reading the other night, “Oh, the places you’ll go,” by Dr.Seuss. If you haven’t read it yet, it is a must! This book is so abstractly clear about the twists and turns in life, about the journey and the greatness within us, yet it is up to us to make the decision to keep going and find what truly makes us happy, to shine our light. It is in our hands, we are given all the tools, it’s no big surprise that we all have the ability to do what we choose, but for some reason we hold back, we decide not to decide, and we resist the gift within us…..Why do you suppose this is?

It all kind of comes together and makes sense as to why most people hold back, the part of the story relates to most people's journeys.  It's called the “Waiting Place”, where people are just waiting, not for anything special, not for anything big, not sure where to go, or do they? What are they waiting for? Are they waiting for someone else to make the decision for them? For some, we end up in this “useless place”, (as Dr.Seuss calls it) maybe perhaps because we truly don’t see the magic within ourselves, we start going down a dark path to destruction, sabotaging ourselves to only reiterate that we are not special, and we don’t have a gift to give. We are waiting for someone to tell us we can do more, be more, but it's up to us to really break free from this in order to move ahead. Some are simply just living in this waiting place because they are completely complacent and ok with what has been offered for them, they see this place as safe, a comfort because why wouldn’t we be grateful for the simplicity of just being ok…if this genuinely makes one happy then whose to say this place is so bad? But then there are those, most of us that want to break free, that want to be the “one of those”, to escape from this waiting place, who don’t want to conform to what society claims Life to be, who want MORE out of life, who see a greater World to be LIVED…We know that there is magic brewing and that we can shine our lights bright for the all to see but most importantly to live the Life we have been given, to thee absolute fullest!


Bringing us back to those Monsters in our head… Those Cognitive Monsters that are maliciously leading us down a destructive path. Yes, the twists and turns are what makes life challenging, creates our character, and builds our confidence to grow and heal. Yet, the monsters are allowing the chaos to plant seeds of obliteration and have the ability to defeat our visions and aspirations. Skylar and I realized right then and there, while we were snuggling up, reading one of the best children’s books on this planet, by the wise Dr. Seuss, that it up to us to stop the noise within our heads. As the saying goes, “Change your thinking, Change your Life.” Isn’t this so true? Negative thoughts are not going to bring us greatness but is going to keep us stuck. Stuck in our thinking of not being good enough, allowing fear to overcome our passions, feeling doubtful of our future, and keep us waiting for some golden ticket to appear in our chocolate candy bar, another inspiring children’s story:) 

What is it that is going to keep you feeling ALIVE? What is it that is going to keep you doing the things you LOVE? What legacy do you want to leave behind when you transition from this Life? What could you do to contribute to another person’s PROSPERITY? As my daughter and I were diving deep into a conversation, an almost six year old probably doesn’t normally talk about, I decided to bring it back to her level and we created a collage. We picked out some images off the internet that reminded us of the monsters in our head…The one that’s goofy and makes your feel stupid, ugly, or not worthy enough, the one that scares you instilling fear within you that you, the one that tells you that you “CAN’T DO IT”, the one that is selfish and tells you to doubt yourself. These monsters are all around us and my clever little girl, referring of course to the infamous Disney Princess movie, typed “Let it go” and “Don’t think about it” across our newly decorated collage of “Noisy Monsters”. This is a lesson to be learned and I encourage you to do this, especially with your child(ren), to remind ourselves that those monsters are something that we have created within our minds and can easily be accepted and seen in a different light. We may not be able to fully escape our demons but we can rewire our brain to appreciate them and see them simply as just “Noise”. That’s all it is, it is noise within our heads and we do not need them to control us.


So break free from the “Noise” and remind yourself that you do not need to be in "The Waiting Place”, you have the power to step out of that comfortable dwelling, take risks, and shine your light bright! Each and every one of us is a miracle put here on this Earth, we all have magic to give to one another, never underestimate your greatness. Shine on Earthlings and “Don’t think about” those silly Monsters telling you that you can’t…With the magnitude of this GIANT UNIVERSE Possibilities are endless!!!