The way to be happy is to make others happy.

I love that my "job(s)", more like DREAMS, are literally changing peoples lives.

  1. Through Holistic Cleansing, I help support people into making healthy lifestyle changes and show people how to free themselves from financial pain to allow more growth and happiness.

  2. With my Artistic endeavors, I am able to share my creative flow encouraging others to radiate their own inner talents. Facepainting, for children's birthday parties, is one of my absolute favorites because it is instant gratification watching the children’s expressions as their imagination runs free, immediately role-playing a certain character and bringing them to life! While my canvas and murals keeps me in the creative flow and silent reflection.
  3. Last but not least, the BEST JOB OF ALL is being a Mom, each day nurturing my girls, guiding them on their own path to find their place in this World, exploring, creating, fighting little battles to learn life lessons, spreading love to each other and those in our circle…

There is no greater blessing than what I do…CHANGING LIVES, in any way I can... What I give to the Universe the Universe gives back to me.  It is all about giving and receiving :) I am so grateful.