Proud Mommy Moment…..

Mommy Daughter

I can not help but share this! I am filled with joy right now!!!!!!!! Last minute, I decided to have a mommy-daughter night out,after Sky's kids yoga class @ Trepta Yoga Studio

A few years ago I would have been filled with fear, guilt, anxiety wanting to spoil my little girl but since we were very cautious about our budget that wasn't an option, of course I found other ways to spoil with love and hands on creative things to still make that special time, doing crafts and baking, but there is something so special to be able to treat your loved one to a night out to dinner. Tonight was so special, a "just because" spontaneous adventure for sushi, one on one time AND when the bill arrived there was not an ounce of guilt or stress, it was the BEST feeling to know that I am building a business that not only helps others but allows me the freedom to do these special things for my family, which is always my #1 WHY! Looking at these %'s, no wonder why the moms in my company are killing it in this industry…the secret has got out and network marketing is where its at!