How do you connect to the Divine? What brings you closer to your Spirit? Your true essence?

Share what makes you feel more connected and more at ease..is it a walk through the woods? Going to Church or Center? Being with children that radiate innocence? Being near the Ocean? Embrace in a little of that each day....  ॐ


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Daily Inspiration to Let go!

Good Vibes

Connect to your Flow.
Don't hide from your passions.
Find what fills your heart and begin to grow in the direction of your dreams. 
Tune in to what is tugging at your soul.
Manifest what you are seeking.
Blossom to your fullest potential. 

Full moon in full affect.... Created this little deco collage at surprise surprise...11:11 last night😜🙏🌕🌌

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Need a Breath of Fresh Air?

Who is seeking a place to getaway and actively embrace Nature? What better than a Retreat not too far from home! We are driving North to breathtaking Stowe Vermont, a home away from home! Indulge in hiking trips, Yoga, Biking, Delicious Gourmet meals, late night fires, and make some amazing friends as we all explore and decompress, escaping to the great outdoors! Join us as we get you moving on the trails to help burn away that stress and guide you through your yoga journey to expand your awareness of peace and gratitude on this embarkment for the Mind.Body.Soul!




I recently had someone, that I haven't seen in a long time, tell me that I "changed". This was not in the happy complimentary sort of way. This was a disappointed "You've changed". Like they missed the "me" that made bad choices, hurt myself (and subsequently others), the "me" that felt lost, misplaced, and disconnected {inevitably searching for someone or something to heal the pain}. Surprisingly, I didn't take this comment personally. This "me" has not necessarily changed {if anything the word is transformed}…"I" just found "my"self. And quite possibly that person who commented hadn't yet, I actually felt a sense of sadness for them {inevitably, we must live in a place of forgiveness to forgive ourselves in return} 

I have stepped into a greater purpose, a confidence that no longer needs bad addictions to serve me or distract me, I have grown to love myself for who I am, trusting that the Divine is there to guide me. Over the years I have dived into personal development, spiritual healing, meditation, yoga, and found a career that holds me accountable for sharing this gift of health and wellness. To allow others to find what lies within them too. So, yea maybe from their perspective, "I" have changed but really it's been there all along…..I just had to do some serious soul searching to find it…


I encourage you to find your dharma, your soul's mission, connect back to your stillness and listen to your calling. It's always there, we just must tune out the noise, the chaos, the excuses and take the time to listen with an open heart…..

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Where is Your Bliss?


It's there. You feel it. In those little moments of happiness and trust. When you let go. We all have felt it. Knowing the unknown. Finding comfort in that which is uncomfortable. Connecting to a higher state of consciousness. We can tap into the stillness when we choose. When do you feel most at peace? Most at ease? More connected?

Nature is where I belong...where I feel most grounded and free simultaneously..where is your sacred place? I'm curious, What do you do to tune into this awareness?

Find your Bliss | Step into YOUR Power | Connect to the Divine

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Thank you to my amazing friend Donna for showing me this magical garden after a beautiful practice today and allowing the synchronicities of life to unfold 🙏 Namaste ॐ