Spiritual Living

True Transformation

Falling spiritually and picking ourselves back up again is how we create true spiritual transformation.. Looking back at some of the beginning writings of when i was guided on this path..it is always a journey, it never ends, and no one said it’s always easy, we all must do our work. Those that come into your life are no coincidence, they are your greatest teachers, they are there to test you and keep guiding you to becoming your best (or worst) version of yourself, you choose... Someone once told me, “You can’t control Life but you can control how you respond to it”. That holds such power. Keep nourishing and feeding your soul. We are one as we are held in the invisible divine.


Spiritual Sunday Mindful Message

On my Meditation Rock overlooking my gracious backyard. Connect with Nature. It's constantly in tune with the Law of Giving + Receiving. 

On my Meditation Rock overlooking my gracious backyard. Connect with Nature. It's constantly in tune with the Law of Giving + Receiving. 


The Law of Giving and Receiving

~Words from the wise Deeak Chopra

"The Law of Giving and Receiving helps us to keep energy flowing freely and keep abundance, affluence, and all good things flowing to us. A great example of Giving and Receiving is witnessing the breathe moving in and out of the body. If you hold your breath in you will notice how uncomfortable it becomes. Even holding the breath out without inhaling becomes uncomfortable too. If you stop the flow of either giving or receiving you interfere with the natural flow of life. To implement this into our daily life, you want to give every person you come in contact with a gift. Every time you meet someone silently wish them love, happiness, joy, and laugher. You will notice an incredible shift in your awareness, it’s amazing. You can silently wish the grocery store clerk peace and happiness or you can silently say Namaste and gaze into the eyes of someone walking by. And of course, a material present is fine too. Make a commitment to keep wealth circulating in your life by giving and receiving life’s most precious gifts of all, that of love, caring, affection, appreciation, and time. It is important to remember that receiving is the same thing as giving; they are just different aspects of the flow of energy in the universe. Accept any gift with open arms and gratitude. Look at nature and receive all the gifts that surround you. Look at the beautiful sunset, a snow storm, the sound of wind blowing, the rain, or even the birds singing. There are gifts all around us. Be present and notice the beauty that surrounds you.

Mantra: Om Vardhanam Namah

Essence: I am the nourisher of the universe and the universe nourishes me

Chakra: 4th chakra on the heart center – Heart chakra (Anahata) – color green"


When in doubt Commit to the 10 to Zen.. It's not as easy as it looks but when you come into this with an awareness and without any judgement, you can see where you are lacking and what you must work on to connect to your peace, your happy place 🙏🏻