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This mornings practice was connecting and directing our awareness to opening our hearts and consciousness with the intention of practicing, the Yama, Brahmacharya. The principle of focusing our attention on moderation and letting go. Sometimes we load up our days with things to do, living to eat, living to work, stuck in the cycle of overwhelm and chaos. Take a deep breath and redirect your energyto finding your balance in all of Life. Change your mindset, begin to shift your awareness to be in control, eat to LIVE, work and serve to LIVE, find the stillness that LIFE has to offer and let go, trust in the invisible Universal Divine that all is as it should be.


Connect to Your True Essence

It can be easy to allow life to overwhelm you, like you are just going through the motions feeling helpless and BOOM! Tension is everywhere, you forget to breath. Stress takes ahold of you. You snap at those you love out of discontent. Sound way too familiar? Fully take the time to be present in each moment and movement in your Life. Don't just go through the motions. Embrace them. Just as I find the fluidity and balance on my mat, I also make a conscious effort to do so off my mat.

I encourage you to give yourself the gift of Yoga as Yoga teaches you how to connect back to your true essence, creating awareness mind|body|soul. Nourish your body with healing foods. Find your breath throughout your transitions in life. Release what no longer serves you. 

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Feeling Stuck?

Ever feel stuck? Do you experience tension or pain in specific places and not sure why you can't get rid of them? Did you know that there are energy centers within your body? These channels can get filled with stress creating blockages. Without creating space and opening those channels we can keep feeling the symptoms of pain, fatigue, anxiety, and whole slew of not so awesome things in our body. Release and open your chakras @myhomeawayfromhome @TreptaYoga !


Come join us and let me be of service to you

 Monday's @ 9:30am!


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Find your H-Om-E

My hOMe away from Home Taught my very first class this morning, awakening our energy centers and re-igniting the Agni, Fire, within @treptayoga


Come join me 9:30am Monday's! ~Awakening your mind.body.soul

So excited to be of service to you 9:30am Monday's!!

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