True Transformation

Falling spiritually and picking ourselves back up again is how we create true spiritual transformation.. Looking back at some of the beginning writings of when i was guided on this is always a journey, it never ends, and no one said it’s always easy, we all must do our work. Those that come into your life are no coincidence, they are your greatest teachers, they are there to test you and keep guiding you to becoming your best (or worst) version of yourself, you choose... Someone once told me, “You can’t control Life but you can control how you respond to it”. That holds such power. Keep nourishing and feeding your soul. We are one as we are held in the invisible divine.


Pratyahara | Turn Inward

Are you seeking more balance in your life? Aren't we all? Life is not always easy but it can be less stressful, more free, and fulfilling when you find your inner peace and stillness with pratyahara, withdrawing your senses inward. It begins on your mat and allows it to radiate out into the World, into our busy chaotic beautiful world we create to bring us that the inner light within and shine bright each and every day.

Namaste loveblossoms