Mommy Confessions

How many hands do you have?

Who else can relate??

I actually tend to work better when I have more on my plate…but if only I had more arms than so much more would get done! Lol~ Remember, sometimes you need to take a moment to breathe and embrace the moments, even among the chaos, rather than overwhelm and eventually burn out…Don't forget to schedule in some special time for yourself!!!

Relax + Reduce the Stress!

Finding balance can be so challenging sometimes..some days fly by and we forgot to even take a moment for ourselves. If you feel like these little guys in the upper right hand corner, it's crucial that you make take time to focus on a few simple things that genuinely bring peace into your day. Simply putting on my essential oils or having a chai tea can help remind me to rebalance and refocus for the day. Life should not be so stressed…Relax and Let go….Deep breaths…………….

Sometimes we need a little help to fav is putting some adaptogens into my Life! Did you know they help to reduce stress and fatigue!!? The best part is it makes my favorite shake taste like a Vanilla Chai Smoothie!

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