Love Blossoms

True Transformation

Falling spiritually and picking ourselves back up again is how we create true spiritual transformation.. Looking back at some of the beginning writings of when i was guided on this is always a journey, it never ends, and no one said it’s always easy, we all must do our work. Those that come into your life are no coincidence, they are your greatest teachers, they are there to test you and keep guiding you to becoming your best (or worst) version of yourself, you choose... Someone once told me, “You can’t control Life but you can control how you respond to it”. That holds such power. Keep nourishing and feeding your soul. We are one as we are held in the invisible divine.


Be the One

Do you ever feel trapped in a cage just wishing and hoping to break free? Sometimes we allow ourselves to bottle up inside without exploring our true nature. Give yourself permission to be the one to break free from old patterns. Try new things, create new goals, experience life to its fullest, dive into exploration of self development. You are the only one that has the power to shift and grow to your fullest potential. 

Dream | Create | Explore | FlyFree my friends.....


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Thoughtful Inspirations

I am not the "materialistic type", although i do appreciate nice things, my favorites are more meaningful and straight from the heart. We don't "need" something to make us happy but I do believe that what you surround yourself with can help to inspire you to always come back to your conscious awareness to find center, balance, joy, and peace, especially on those days when you may need it most. Find something that will make you smile and be a simple reminder that makes you send attention back onto the greatness that Life has to offer.

This is such a beautiful and thoughtful birthday gift from my mom + stepfather, a Mala bracelet (prayer beads) with a flower attached as a reminder of our ability to blossom again and again. The "Blessing Flower" will bloom repeatedly for years with just a few drops of water. Love it!!! 

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Connect to Your True Essence

It can be easy to allow life to overwhelm you, like you are just going through the motions feeling helpless and BOOM! Tension is everywhere, you forget to breath. Stress takes ahold of you. You snap at those you love out of discontent. Sound way too familiar? Fully take the time to be present in each moment and movement in your Life. Don't just go through the motions. Embrace them. Just as I find the fluidity and balance on my mat, I also make a conscious effort to do so off my mat.

I encourage you to give yourself the gift of Yoga as Yoga teaches you how to connect back to your true essence, creating awareness mind|body|soul. Nourish your body with healing foods. Find your breath throughout your transitions in life. Release what no longer serves you. 

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