Treat Yourself

After an amazing restorative class this am at Trepta Yoga in Far Hills, NJ (thank you Jennifer Walsh!!!) This little yogi always knows how to give some extra juicy energetic vibes @treptayoga 🙏ॐ  Join us and indulge in the energy for so many incredible Vinyasa and Ashtanga inspired classes! Kids Yoga available with the one and only, Michelle Scheuller!

 Your soul and body will thank you!!


Cleanse the Soul

"Once we recognize that all matter is actually energy, we can begin to form a new vision of ourselves and the world around us. We begin to realize that our surroundings are not what they seem." ~ William Buhlman

Connect to the Universal pull of energy filling your soulful-cup with juicy energy with cleansing your mind.body.spirit and coming back into harmony with that which you already have present inside of you.

cleanse the soul

Be the Energy You Want to Attract!

"People take on the nature and the habits and the Power of thought of those with whom they associate in a spirit of symphony and harmony". (Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill) In other words, find your circle of influence, those that see what you see and surround yourself with those that will help you to grow, create, and become the best version of you possible! Your vibe attracts your tribe!