I recently had someone, that I haven't seen in a long time, tell me that I "changed". This was not in the happy complimentary sort of way. This was a disappointed "You've changed". Like they missed the "me" that made bad choices, hurt myself (and subsequently others), the "me" that felt lost, misplaced, and disconnected {inevitably searching for someone or something to heal the pain}. Surprisingly, I didn't take this comment personally. This "me" has not necessarily changed {if anything the word is transformed}…"I" just found "my"self. And quite possibly that person who commented hadn't yet, I actually felt a sense of sadness for them {inevitably, we must live in a place of forgiveness to forgive ourselves in return} 

I have stepped into a greater purpose, a confidence that no longer needs bad addictions to serve me or distract me, I have grown to love myself for who I am, trusting that the Divine is there to guide me. Over the years I have dived into personal development, spiritual healing, meditation, yoga, and found a career that holds me accountable for sharing this gift of health and wellness. To allow others to find what lies within them too. So, yea maybe from their perspective, "I" have changed but really it's been there all along…..I just had to do some serious soul searching to find it…


I encourage you to find your dharma, your soul's mission, connect back to your stillness and listen to your calling. It's always there, we just must tune out the noise, the chaos, the excuses and take the time to listen with an open heart…..

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