Mindful Messages : Mental Chatter and your True Inner Voice

Anyone else have mixed messages inside the chatter of your mind? 🙌🏻 Some of these Voices can interfere with your daily life and discourage you from stepping into your truth, your dharma, your true purpose. The deeper you listen and tune in, the quieter those voices will become.....

Love this article from Daily Om about the Voices inside our heads and finding your True Inner Voice 


The Universe has your back

When you are feeling low, cranky, things aren’t going your way, or life seems mundane…

When life seems hard don’t forget where you come from, how unique and special you are, YOU were created with intention! Worries seem to get a whole lot smaller when we put things into perspective.

a beautiful galaxy located 40 million light-years away in the constellation of Dorado..

galaxy love

Mindful Affirmation

Conscious Affirmative Centering Thought

"I am in my greatness to connect to my inner strength. I am strong, I am brave, I can do anything I set my mind to. I choose to live a life of ease through my struggles and challenges, embracing them to help me grow. Through my strength I Shine."


Affirmations speak your inner truth, or at least convince yourself when you are in doubt. Repeat these words with conviction, affirm this mindful message into your reality and watch yourself blossom into who you are destined to become.

True Transformation

Falling spiritually and picking ourselves back up again is how we create true spiritual transformation.. Looking back at some of the beginning writings of when i was guided on this path..it is always a journey, it never ends, and no one said it’s always easy, we all must do our work. Those that come into your life are no coincidence, they are your greatest teachers, they are there to test you and keep guiding you to becoming your best (or worst) version of yourself, you choose... Someone once told me, “You can’t control Life but you can control how you respond to it”. That holds such power. Keep nourishing and feeding your soul. We are one as we are held in the invisible divine.


Cultivate Gratitude

gratitude loveblossoms.me

Cultivate gratitude..always...
So blessed for all of the wonderful gifts that have been bestowed upon me and my family, for our health, well being, shelter, and love...Happy thanksgiving to you all and your families. In gratitude for all your wonderful support and love always from those i crossed paths with on this beautiful crazy journey in life❤️🙏🏻 Many many blessings.........

End of Suffering..

This couldn’t have appeared at a more perfect time..
Deepak’s Chopra’s message for Day 22 Meditation– The End of Suffering

“Today’s meditation shows us that the spiritual journey into the heart of awareness, the present moment, is not an idle, impractical indulgence. Realizing our true nature as ever-present awareness is how we attain our full human potential. In reclaiming our timeless essence, we release ourselves from the bonds to our past and future. Those bonds are what keep us in separation, fear, and suffering. As we step into the here and now, we heal our past and come to the end of suffering.”


Our centering thought for today is:
“My vision of healing is the end of suffering.”