Solstice Offerings...

Hello Summer!

There is something so sweet about the transition to Summer. Stepping outside to those beautiful days of sunshine upon your face, birds singing, music blaring out car windows, and when your feet hit the sand for the first time at the beach! How can we welcome this new change better than honoring Summer Solstice! A time for celebrating the longest day of the year and our entry into those gorgeous Summer months to come! 

Throughout history, many cultures associate the Summer Solstice with a renewal of Spirit, Mind & Body, as well as a celebration of joyfulness and fun the sunshine evokes. Many hold ritual significance during this time of year, the Solstice is a time to celebrate the light of consciousness within ourselves and within each and every person, to reflect upon the potential for consciousness to awaken.

What will you awaken and stir up inside, as you indulge in these Summer months to come?  What better way than to honor this shift than with devotion and movement, through an ancient physical, mental and spiritual practice that originated in India. The word ‘Yoga’ derives from Sanskrit and means to join or to unite, symbolizing the union of body and consciousness.

Come join us in this celebratory practice either in the comfort of your own safe space at home or with a Complimentary Session of 108 Sun Salutations on the International Day of Yoga ~
June 21st

Moving from ordinary to auspicious...the number 108 has many important and symbolic meanings in diverse disciplines ranging from mathematics to religions and spiritual practices, martial arts and yoga.

The act of practicing 108 Sun Salutations draws together some very potent yogic practices.

  • Bhakti - devotion
  • Seva - Selfless service
  • Tapas - effort, heat, discipline, zeal.

So, why practice 108 Sun Salutations?

There are time we may feel disconnected or drained spiritually, (winter can do this for sure!) this is a practice to build heat within our body - burning away what is not serving us and giving us a burning desire to serve others; to make an impactful difference; to act upon which we stand for; to embrace and surrender towards our higher purpose. Transforming the mundane to the beyond....

~May you always blossom to your fullest potential, Rachel
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Quote, Attract Good Vibrations

Plant your seeds with intention (good and fertile soil) and trust in the process that it will blossom....

"Each of us is what we are because of the dominating thoughts we permit to occupy our minds. The human mind is constantly attracting vibrations that harmonize with that which dominates the mind. A thought is thus 'magnetized' with emotion may be compared to a seed that, when planted in fertile soil, germinates, grows and multiplies itself over and over again, until that one small seed becomes countless millions of seeds!"~Think and Grow Rich, Napolean Hill.

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Solutions to Overcoming Sunday Night ANXIETY

Does This Resonate With You? 
I overheard a convo at the library, two moms dreading their jobs and wanting to be able to spend more time being home with their children. They want more flexibility and dreaded Sunday nights because they knew they had only a few hours till they would be back to the weekly grind Monday morning. Now don't get me wrong, if these women were happy and loved what they do I would never ever intervene but for me, I see a bigger vision and have a solution. I couldn't help but share what I do to help show them another way, because I know many (many!!) people feel the same way and are living a life just to fulfill commitments (forgetting about the passion they once had!) Yes, life can be harsh at times and we all have obligations to support our families, the stress the worries, leaving our dreams to the curb and passions are at stake. 

                                                         What if you could have both? 

What if you could begin to create a LIFE that you love 7 days a week instead of just Friday - Sunday!?!!

3 Solutions for Overcoming Sunday Night:

  1. Begin to Invest into your mindset! This is absolutely crucial when breaking old habits
  2. Start working on your Vision and Your Why!! Be crystal clear about this. If your why doesn't make you cry it's not strong enough! The Passion Test was a game changer!! Go Grab that book and start jotting down your deepest darkest desires!
  3. Find a Simple Business Model that will be low cost, where you can eat your overhead, have simple tools and system to follow, and with hard work will allow you to create residual income for a prosperous future and to focus your time on your passions!

What if one opportunity could change the way you perceived life forever? For YOUR future and the future of your Family and friends! It's never too late to hit the restart button on Life. Ask I truly love my life and what I am doing to fulfill my purpose? Can I serve on my passions and dreams? What if? 

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to your fullest potential💫
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I am not quite sure why but I freakin love Vrksasana {Tree Pose} and migrate to this pose a lot in my own personal practice. It teaches us patience, it calms and relaxes your mind. and central nervous system, while strengthening the bones of the hips and legs. You will find on some days you are strong and stable, when other days you may be unsteady and weak. This is when you tune into the mind and source to why..One side is always different than the other too, which is always unpredictable... With practice you will find it will improve your balance and state but stay true to a still gaze {drishti} to help guide you (and keep you from falling lol). {YogiTip}

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