What exactly is our Heart-Mind?

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What exactly is our Heart-Mind?

Love is Powerful, so much so, we dedicate a whole day to celebrating it! >>Happy Heart Day<< But we know that this day is something that goes beyond just 24hours.. our Love runs deep and we all know how Love can take affect on us...

We are all conditioned by our experiences- what we see, feel, taste, smell, touch, feel, think, speak, act ALL affect our heart and mind.

“Citta” is our heart-mind, and although the pure light of awareness, the unconditional love, and inner light that resides in each and everyone of us never changes... the outer layer of our heart-mind can be shifted and distorted with mental or emotional baggage from the daily grind and external world, that prevents us from tuning into it.

Meditation can clear our citta, clear our thoughts with purification, and leads us to that deeper connection with self and our divine inner light. And, good news, you don’t have to sit crossed legged in lotus pose to experience it, start with just one breath, followed by another, and then another.... 

Clear the heart-mind so your Light and Love can shine through. With Intention. You know when you FEEL it to, its this sense of calm, ease, and content that fills you up. It’s that sweet still moment that brings tingles up the spine or gives you goosebumps.

Take time to give YOURSELF some love , not just today...EVERYDAY! Honor even just one minute, a little ritual for yourself, your mind, your body, and that your heart is beating..for YOU!

Embrace each day with an open heart, an open mind, and take time to do the work to keep yourself free and clear of the perceptions that can cloud your Heart-Mind. Our heart beats for us and keeps us alive each and every day without expectation, and yup, I am even guilty for sometimes taking this for granted, but when you take a moment to shift this awareness, maybe even by this simple Mindful Message, you begin to honor the inner workings that keep you beating.... 
>>Happy Heart Day, Big Hugs, Lots of Love, and Blessings<<
Rachel :)