L is for Love?


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L is for Love?

Do you sometimes wonder what this hallmark holiday truly stands for?

Maybe some of you are jumping with glee, some may be shrugging their shoulders ("eh-just another day"), most are probably creating unrealizistic expectations around what should be or shouldnt for this given holiday, and maybe some of you-like me- are seeking a deeper meaning about what we could do to fully embrace it beyond it's cliche.

Regardless of us all beating to our own drum, all walking a different path with different views and voices on the matter... I'm sure we can all agree...

There is something more than just this cliche romance behind Valentine's Day. Sure it's a nice little reminder for some, to give something a little sweet. But isn't there more to just one day of candy and flowers?And I'm not objecting to the notion all together, it's so fun to decorate little Valentine's with my daughter's little friends at school.

But, are we teaching the true lessons behind the big L word? And are there other words to describe it in a much more reflective and meaningful way? I have been pondering this as we got closer, as always, weaving these real-world experiences and lessons into my practice and classes to share with my students..

Bottom line...

Love is much Deeper. 

As my once 7 year old said at the time... 
"I love you from the farthest Star to the Deepest Roots" (heart melted in that moment-Quote by Sky)

It's roots grow and stem from our own self-love, self- compassion, and self-growth. How can we fully give from a place that is not nourished with love itself? So I invite you to take this "holiday" with an open heart, to fully embrace it beyond what our culture has hallmarked it to be..

But to practice from a place of some of the true L's- from which it all stems...

Loving yourself unconditionally... Letting go of whatever you are holding onto that is prohibiting you to make space for the Light (the internal radiant, peaceful, Divine being you are) and flooding the roots of this place of ease and compassion into your whole heart and soul!
Lust after your own personal passions, goals, desires, and wishes. Visualize it as though you are already relishing in it.
Loyalty for worshipping yourself..the God, the Divine, whatever you may call that beautiful Light within (as within, so without)...and devote yourself to making the time for you to be with yourself in that moment, whatever may arise, be patient...
Lenity and compassion of finding kindness and gentlesness within your thoughts and actions.
Laboring and cultivating in your thoughts what you wish attract and manifest into your life..

This is not easy for all. Self-compassion or self-love may be completely foreign for some people-But there is research that has consistently shown a positive correlation between self-compassion and psychological well-being (for those nay sayers and logical thinkers out there! There's proof!). The more you practice being kind to yourself and truly loving yourself, you will feel a deeper sense of wellness- ridding yourself of all the ailments that we constantly struggle and battle- reducing anxiety, depression, shame, worry, and fear of failure.. As always, these practices take time and patience...

As I mentioned in my last Newsletter for the New Year...
Never forget to "schedule in" time for yourself. Find YOUR sacred time for Contemplation, Relaxation, and some Peaceful day dreaming~

Share this with someone you care about as a little gift, to collectively honor those genuine moments as we take some time to live in this conscious awareness together (even if it's just for one minute you have done good and respect it)

Remember, no judgement here, this is a place you can Sow. Nourish. Grow....