Thank you CSL for always reminding us we are where we were always meant to be~
{Positive Affirmation of the Day} 
I let my heart soften and Love enters…….
The walls of my heart melt and Love spreads all through and all over me.
Now I am free. Free to be. Free to love. Free to choose. Free to serve. Free to trust.
Something BIG shifts in my consciousness and something new gets to be celebrated!
I am free to LIVE MY PURPOSE!!!!!
See, the Universe created me out of Itself for it had a need for me in this world here and now.
I listen and I allow it to be revealed to me.
If I am already living my purpose I let something in me deepen so I feel MORE support and MORE guidance and MORE energy for living my life to the fullest.
The way I am meant to live it….for I surely would never want to not waste this God-given life.
This Truth erases anything and everything in the way: know and unknown to me.
I feel a fresh new breeze on my face that reminds me how precious life is and how grateful I am to feel connected to something greater than me: Divine Love!

~Center for Spiritual Living Morristown