Conscious Cleanse Challenge~

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed, unhappy, lack of energy or drive for Life? If you are not quit ready to cleanse your body, Here is a great way to cleanse your Mind and Soul~ by incorporating simple, meaningful, and active things into your daily life to increase your happiness and gratitude!

Our family is joining together for the next 30 Days, along side our Nutritional Cleanse/Detox Fall Reboot, we will be removing impurities and toxins within our bodies, AND removing that negativity from our Mind!!!

Join us in a 30 Day "Conscious Cleanse", releasing negativity from OUR MIND BODY AND SOUL!

Now, for some this may seem IMPOSSIBLE! Remember, it is totally normal for us to have thoughts that come and go that may be unintentailly negative, it is unfortunately SO common to express them, that we have actually programmed our brains to always think this way, You are what you think and believe what you say. Constantly focusing on the bad rather than the good, complaining, whining, groaning, rather than embracing the actual precious moment we are living has become the norm. Imagine being able to reverse this?  

The Conscious Cleanse will allow you to be more aware of your thoughts and your words. You will begin to create the ability to "re-word", and refocus, what you are trying to say into a positive, and possibly find a solution for your problem or concern within the process.

 If by any chance you catch yourself saying something negative, or you just REALLY want to get something off your chest (complaint, situation that happened, or just by accident blurt out a cuss lol, P.S. we all do it!) 

You MUST put $1 into your Conscious Cleanse Jar! (Just love this idea!!!) This will definitely get you to start watching your tongue, and actively listen and redirect your thoughts. you will learn fast that negative words are not worth it!





Along side this, you can incorporate this AWESOME Happiness Challenge which perfectly coincides with the Conscious Cleanse! Focusing and reverting your thoughts and actions into a meaningful happy Life!