3 Meditations to Practice in Sun Salutations

>>Brought to you by Yoga Journal.

"Before each round, take a moment with your eyes closed and your hands in Prayer to think about what each meditation means to you". Focus on your intention (whether it be for peace, quiet, mindfulness, stress relief) Pay attention to your breath as you go through the motions. "Keep weaving the one you need the most into the rest of your practice—especially in moments when your concentration wavers."

1. Acknowledge your practice as an act of self-love or self-care.Seeing your practice as an act of self-love or self-care allows you to feel a sense of gratitude for taking the time and making the effort to practice. It’s not always easy to bring yourself to the mat, but when you do, it’s always good, it always matters. Having gratitude for your efforts is immediately grounding.

2. Think of someone who makes you smile or feel at ease.Thinking of someone who makes you smile or feel at ease allows you to feel lighter. When you feel lighter and content, there is clarity and an ease behind your sense of Self. The back and forth of how you define or see yourself decreases; you start to feel like yourself. It feels authentic. It comes from within, not from someone else’s definitions or expectations.

3. Trust your personal compass.Trusting your personal compass is big. We are inundated with what we should do, say, and think. Listening to the advice of others is important, but in the end, trust yourself. The more you practice, the easier it is to have clarity. You’ll be less likely to compare yourself to others and more able to accept things the way they really are.