Clear Vision, Test Yourself

There are times we want to react, we all have them, but what we've been trying to teach our older daughter (who can sometimes be very dramatic lol) is that we have the choice in our reactions... "How does it make you feel?" It's easy to react, it's easy to get angry, sad, frustrated, and then play the blame game... taking that feeling or emotion out on someone else, the true test to finding peace is breathing in that moment and being mindful to the fact that this is "just a reaction" or the awareness that "this is just a feeling of energy", now how do I find the solution? You have the choice as to how you truly want to react. Do you choose to spend your day pissed off, living in that reoccurring situation in your mind, or do you choose to release the ego, let go of the story your've created, and find yourself overcome in a way that makes you feel at peace? Test this concept the next time someone ticks you off, it's challenging but really refreshing when you look at it from a clear vision.