My friend, Dana, had me over the other day for a play date! As our little one's played she was telling me how she has had such an incredible success with the Nutritional Cleansing system and has almost lost 50 lbs!!!!! Crazzzzy Awesome!!!! YOU GO GIRL! Anyhoo, since she began her new lifestyle she has gotten very creative in her kitchen and especially with one of her favorite things to do..Bake!! Well, this was a no brainer because it was no bake, no fuss FLOURLESS and made with..wait what??? Chickpeas??? She made this for us to go along side our clean decadent high antioxidant (and low acidic) coffee! Yea, you can say we have joined forces with the health nerds of new jersey (lol) but if healthy living tastes so good..WHY NOT!!!? And we are proud of it..AND we still LOVE to have our fun!!!! After a delicious Spinach Strawberry Feta Salad we dived right into these yummy treats!!!!! Her very big heart also donated the left overs to our non profit fundraiser for Family & Community Services of Somerset Bake Sale! So excited to share these to raise money and show people how delicious good food can truly be!

Here's the link to the recipe! Enjoy!!!! :)