ARE YOU READY FOR THE #warriorfittransformation challenge!

As always, I share little helpful tips to stay on track with those I coach, water is super vital in keeping balance in the body and to help flush out! @teamlifestyleelite encourages us to focus on our water intake for this week! Going back to old school routines using this fun little trick that one of my teammates taught me when I first started mycleansing journey 2 years ago. To keep track use 4 hair things (used Brynns 😂), or guys can use rubber bands, on your 32oz water bottle, every time you fill up-take one off and when they are all gone you got a GALLON of water in for the day! Yea I know! This crazy awesome technique has helped wonders not having to worry or stress about another extra thing ("what # am I on?" Lol) Stay hydrated folks and join the challenge!!😜👏🏻💪🏻🏻️
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More than half of our body consists of water.

Nothing is more beneficial than getting your water in, flushing out those nasty toxins, transporting oober important vitamins and minerals, helping to aide our body in recovery, restoration, and healthy cellular growth, AND of course, the most obvious reason of all, to keep our bodies hydrated. 


This is a great article of the TOP 10 REASONS WHY TO DRINK MORE WATER!

LOVE THIS WATER BOMB IDEA! Maybe I will get enough courage to rock out a full gallon someday…Although I drink a gallon a day..Gallon's of water intimidate me. if you feel the same way, read a little tip i learned to get your water in for the day. if not, by all means, rock out with your jug out! 

to keep track >>



Personally, I like to use a 32oz. water bottle. A teammate of mine recommended putting 4 rubber bands (or hair things) at the bottom of the bottle. When you finish YOUR FIRST 32OZ. and go to refill, simply take one rubber band off..Once all the rubber bands Are gone you know you got your water intake for the day! Easy peasy to keep you track. However you get your water in…..


The key is to decide. Start making the commitment to drinking more water and I promise you that your body will start craving it more and more. It is the essence of our being, our life force, with so many incredible benefits. "You say, ok Rachel, this sounds a little crazy! You want me to drink a gallon a day??" I know it may seem like a lot. Go at your own pace, start by setting a goal, breaking down exactly how much you want to get in for the day, and make it happen. We are supposed to at least get in half of our body weight in water. So if you are 140lbs then you would need to replenish with 70 oz of water for the day. What most people are unaware of is that caffeine is DE-hydrating! EEK! For every caffeinated beverage, we are recommended to drink an extra 8oz glass of water! So, try your best to eliminate those unnecessary caffeinated diet drinks loaded with toxins, artificial sweeteners, artificial coloring, sugar, and carbonation. Treat those as they are>> TREATS! :)


I do have some cleansers that are very turned off by the taste of plain jane water. My advice to you would be to have fun with it. Get creative! I love to add lemons or lime to mine to give my fluids that bit of tangy flavor, mint is also a great way to change things up. I always recommend herbal teas, they are free from caffeine and provide some yummy flavor, to get some more fluids in. Green Tea has very minimal caffeine and is high in antioxidants! My favorite is adding in an electrolyte and vitamin drink mix, Replenish, which gives the delicious flavor while giving the body a faster recovery for those insane workouts, It's a WIN WIN! Regardless, it is so vital to get that water in..So stay committed and make it apart of your daily routine..Your body will thank you :)


>>>Please feel free to share your helpful tips to get our fluids in!