Move your body


I'll challenge you. Try to follow us or your own baby for 3,5 minutes. We did this for 15 minutes. I promise you a good workout for mom and baby ;)#backtobasics #babyyoga #babyfitness #fitbaby #fitmom #fitnessforgravide #sofieb #sofiebdk #momfitness #mom #workout #training

Posted by Sofieb on Thursday, April 23, 2015

This challenge is for all moms with babies that are up for a fun adventure. This is a super fun experimentation with your body... The challenge is to follow your little one for 15 minutes, mirroring their every move. I found it fascinating that naturally babies move fluidly into yoga positions. I have done this with my little one and it was so much fun! It brought joy to my soul imitating her every little move and I promise you that this is an awesome workout for both mama and baby!!! Thank you Sofieb for sharing your experience and encouraging moms to get their bodies moving along with their babes :)