Never leave home without 'em.. (referring to the green top)..  OH, AND THE KIDS TOO.... bahahahaa

I'm not a big shoe girl or purse girl, I barely leave the house with makeup on if it's not a big event (lol) but when you tackle a day at Crayola factory on a NO SCHOOL DAY, you best believe I bring my protein! 



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My friend, Dana, had me over the other day for a play date! As our little one's played she was telling me how she has had such an incredible success with the Nutritional Cleansing system and has almost lost 50 lbs!!!!! Crazzzzy Awesome!!!! YOU GO GIRL! Anyhoo, since she began her new lifestyle she has gotten very creative in her kitchen and especially with one of her favorite things to do..Bake!! Well, this was a no brainer because it was no bake, no fuss FLOURLESS and made with..wait what??? Chickpeas??? She made this for us to go along side our clean decadent high antioxidant (and low acidic) coffee! Yea, you can say we have joined forces with the health nerds of new jersey (lol) but if healthy living tastes so good..WHY NOT!!!? And we are proud of it..AND we still LOVE to have our fun!!!! After a delicious Spinach Strawberry Feta Salad we dived right into these yummy treats!!!!! Her very big heart also donated the left overs to our non profit fundraiser for Family & Community Services of Somerset Bake Sale! So excited to share these to raise money and show people how delicious good food can truly be!

Here's the link to the recipe! Enjoy!!!! :)

It’s not what you’re eating; it’s what’s eating you.


It’s not what you’re eating; it’s what’s eating you.

I talk to so many people who are consumed by what they are consuming. Do you have something that you feel so attached to that you know is not serving you or your body? (Mine was coffee carbs and wine). And I am not saying you must completely eliminate these loves from your life completely. But do you have the will power to take control of your mind.body.spirit to remove it temporarily to gain control, rid yourself from impurities, flush away anxiety and stress, gain energy and release the extra things that are holding onto you (losing the lbs is always a bonus!).


 It’s not about trying to have the perfect body type. It’s about optimal health. Think about it.

Benefits to Detoxification: 

1. Cleanse Toxic waste buildup in the colon
2. Cleanse the Liver, Blood, and Lymphatic system of junk foods, fake sugars, and preservatives
3. Improve Elimination of toxicity in the body through the skin, kidneys, and intestines
4. Reduce carbohydrate and sugar cravings
5. Improve energy, mental clarity, well being, and overall health

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Wellness Wednesday~

What you are seeking is already seeking you. Fill out this form, if there is one check or more, you have the ability to make that choice for a greater change and a greater better version of you. I am here to help assist you to accomplish your goals. No need to live in a place of doubt, fear, or complacency..You deserve more! 

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My friend shared this and I just absolutely love how empowering this message is! There is no such thing as the "perfect body". Like a fine wine, we only get better with age…and the "battle wounds", as I like to call them, are all apart of the process of growing older. Natural aging, giving birth, and growing from our experiences are all apart of this game called Life. Embrace the "flaws"... the imperfections are what make us unique and stronger mentally..I just love how the writer of this article describes it by how it "tells our story"…The wrinkles by my eyes express my laughter and fun over the decades..the stretch marks on my body represent the life I have given to sacrifice as a home for my children, the "perfect" boobs I once had are no longer perky because I have nurtured my little one's and given them the nutrition to survive and grow..this is not something that should be shamed but celebrated! Think about all that we do gain, with more experience comes knowledge and knowledge is power. Would it be ok to focus on the perks of maturity rather than the "flaws"? 

Let's all join together in a movement of acceptance for our bodies and embrace our overall Health.. To live a Life of gratitude of aging BEAUTIFULLY, for our generations to admire and welcome the "battle wounds" in Life!

I love what these athletic and fitness women have to say about their "battle wounds" and how they embrace them!!! They humbly display their pictures and the battles with their mental chatter struggling with the change in their bodies over time….



Cauliflower Fries

Super easy Recipe!

As you might have noticed from reading my blog, I am obsessed with making vegetables fun and exciting for my family to enjoy..I especially love how versatile cauliflower is. Check out the Cauliflower Pizza and Cauliflower Sauce recipes too!

<THIS IS A Healthy alternative for French Fries>

  1. Preheat oven for 350 degrees
  2. Grab a Head of Cauliflower and slice in thin slivers
  3. Place cut up pieces of Cauliflower spaced out on pan and rub on some EVOO

  4. Add some seasoning; I stick to the basics with this one and use Salt and Pepper

  5. Throw in oven (not literally lol) til they start to get crispy, make sure to keep an eye on them so they do not burn. Mine usually take 35min since I like them on the more well done side. 

  6. Put on a plate as a side dish or a healthy snack with a dollop of organic ketchup!

It's amazing how they really do satisfy that french fry craving..I love making these to compliment my turkey burgers!