Make the Shift

There is no better time then NOW to start releasing what no longer serves us and that all starts from within...Let's make the shift and make space for some new Life changes!
Sending out some love for all those who are already embarking on nutritional cleansing and allowing me to be apart of their personal health journey in the next couple of weeks and to those about to join on board. I love meeting new people, making connections, and changing lives...what some may say are random or coincidences I call purposeful Divine intervention...Helping people feel and look better is beyond gratifying! Cheers to those that have, are, and will-be making the commitment to take action towards their goals and dedicate themselves to transforming to their fullest potential!
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{Doctors Orders}

Transformation Thursday goes to Allen Manison, a chiropractor, who shares his personal experience with nutritional cleansing and why he recommends it for everyone seeking not only weight loss but to reduce oxidative stress! This article is an AWESOME read to truly understand the benefits of cleansing the body and the importance of overall healthy aging… 
Don't be fooled….You CAN teach an old dog new tricks! Mind over matter! What drives you? Who wouldn't want less stress, better health, age gracefully, and more energy!? It's kind of a no brainer people lol!

Click on picture below to read Dr. Allen Manison's journey with nutritional cleansing.


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