Finding Balance among the chaos….


SO TRUE>> Most people stop from progressing with their self-care goals because it may be challenging in finding the constant balance between taking care of themselves and caring for their family. The important thing to remember when trying to decide if you can strike this balance is that self-care is not selfish. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.

It absolutely is not selfish to make sure your needs are taken care of, being a stay at home mom myself while building a business from home, I definitely find times of weakness and struggle with playing the balancing act and that is when I know it is extremely important for me to take time for just me (minus the mommy guilt) shame in that!

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Take time to pursue at least ONE thing for YOU!

Find at least one thing that you are interested in and make sure to put some focus on just yourself for that slot of time. It is so easy to give your little ones your love and attention 24/7, everything revolves around them: changing diapers, giving baths, cleaning, making snacks, lunch, dinner..Is it me or are you always living in the kitchen too? lol In the midst of the chaos, find one thing for YOU! You deserve to feel human and embrace your peace...whether it be a quiet 10min walk, a hot shower with essential oils to awaken the soul, reading a favorite novel, go for a run to clear the mind, garden…Make sure to budget the time to do something special for YOU!