My friend shared this and I just absolutely love how empowering this message is! There is no such thing as the "perfect body". Like a fine wine, we only get better with age…and the "battle wounds", as I like to call them, are all apart of the process of growing older. Natural aging, giving birth, and growing from our experiences are all apart of this game called Life. Embrace the "flaws"... the imperfections are what make us unique and stronger mentally..I just love how the writer of this article describes it by how it "tells our story"…The wrinkles by my eyes express my laughter and fun over the decades..the stretch marks on my body represent the life I have given to sacrifice as a home for my children, the "perfect" boobs I once had are no longer perky because I have nurtured my little one's and given them the nutrition to survive and grow..this is not something that should be shamed but celebrated! Think about all that we do gain, with more experience comes knowledge and knowledge is power. Would it be ok to focus on the perks of maturity rather than the "flaws"? 

Let's all join together in a movement of acceptance for our bodies and embrace our overall Health.. To live a Life of gratitude of aging BEAUTIFULLY, for our generations to admire and welcome the "battle wounds" in Life!

I love what these athletic and fitness women have to say about their "battle wounds" and how they embrace them!!! They humbly display their pictures and the battles with their mental chatter struggling with the change in their bodies over time….