When You Feel Like Quitting...

Sure there are days I don't feel like doing anything, I get stuck in the mental chatter and begin to create chaos in my mind of the "I cants" or "how do i's"..but it always comes back to this one question. WHY? Why are you continuing to do what you do? Why would you want to either transform for good or stay stuck in the cycle of disappointments of dis-ease? The best way to know the answer? It's simple. Never forget the reason WHY you started your journey in the first place. You intuitively know what makes you feel good inside and gives you the desire for MORE! Stay positive. Stay the course and the path will lead you where you always were destined to go. Even when Life gets shitty and gets in the way, you have the choice to turn it back around and reroute back to the direction you were headed. All a matter of perspective.. The only way to fail is to quit! 

Buddy System | Accountability is a requirement

My little running buddy this am🏃👶 


When you don't have the desire to go outside in the cold, put on your workout clothes, or hear loud music as you pounce away at the pavement sometimes it helps to follow the buddy system. Call a friend to motivate you to get up off your butt, ask your husband, girlfriend, or mom to encourage you, or my ultimate favorite…sign up for a race with a bunch of people (I prefer joining empowering mommy race groups) to hold you accountable. If it weren't for my half-marathon around the corner, I may not have had the motivation to bundle up this munchkin, while she was playing so peacefully with her baby dolls, to get my miles in. She always has such a blast in the jogger so it sure does help me having one of the cutest running buddies on the block! :) 

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Warrior fit challenge

WHOSE UP FOR THE CHALLENGE? My teammate created this challenge to help inspire you to take your body to the next level, @teamlifestyleelite gives youawesome tips for getting your body in motion and accountability to stay on track! Summer is around the bend and we all want to reach some goals! 

 Getting my challenge in mommy style lol😂😂 and of course ‪#‎yogaeverydamnday‬ 

As my buddy Joey says,

"Drop the excuses, Pick up a Purpose.

And Let's get it!"

You can still join now Free 2 Week Challenge!


Fuel with the BEST


I'll challenge you. Try to follow us or your own baby for 3,5 minutes. We did this for 15 minutes. I promise you a good workout for mom and baby ;)#backtobasics #babyyoga #babyfitness #fitbaby #fitmom #fitnessforgravide #sofieb #sofiebdk #momfitness #mom #workout #training

Posted by Sofieb on Thursday, April 23, 2015

This challenge is for all moms with babies that are up for a fun adventure. This is a super fun experimentation with your body... The challenge is to follow your little one for 15 minutes, mirroring their every move. I found it fascinating that naturally babies move fluidly into yoga positions. I have done this with my little one and it was so much fun! It brought joy to my soul imitating her every little move and I promise you that this is an awesome workout for both mama and baby!!! Thank you Sofieb for sharing your experience and encouraging moms to get their bodies moving along with their babes :)