Sunday Night Shout Out goes to all the people out there creating goals and pushing past their comfort zones to accomplish them!!! 👊👊 Didn't know 💯% if I would make it today, knee was acting up on my last training run and I had every excuse to not go. My amazing running friends kept my spirits up🙏! Also much thanks to thee amazing Keith Kimmick for the last minute acupuncture sesh!! @Mile 5 I saw my amazing family, 😎👶👧Hub +girls refueled this mama with electrolytes {‪#‎Replenish‬}, all Natural energy shot {‪#‎Eshot‬}, and {No Artificial} Amped Fuel {GU makes my stomach turn!}..Mile 8 my knee was on fire🔥🔥🔥 •MIND OVER MATTER• (you should've heard my self talk lol🙉) Pushed through the pain and crossed the finish line🎉 with my friend Sarah {also with knee troubles🙈} 💥💥💥 •ULTIMATE GOOSEBUMPS•💥💥 Nothing feels better than accomplishing a vision you manifested and worked towards. Watching the look on my girls faces on how proud they are and the example I am setting for them😃 
Running Mindful Tip: As I was running beside hundreds of people {in my working meditation aka "zone"} I totally realized, It's truly not the destination but the journey of getting there. Embrace it! Set new goals, push past what you think is impossible, dare to dream, get up, show up, and ‪#‎FINISH‬! Cheers to those that received medals today! 😂😜👏👊 Time to rest up.....😴💤💤💤
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Celebrate the New You!!!

So EXCITED for those that are committing on Christmas EVE to ring in the New Year right!!!!! We have some "Secret Cleansers" out there and I just wanted to say I am so proud to help be apart of your journey….Can not WAIT for you to embrace the New You with the BEST GIFT for your overall Wellness!!!! Many blessings!!!!!! ‪#‎earlyresolutions‬ ‪#‎MerryandBright‬ ‪#‎proudcoachingmoments‬ ‪#‎YouMakeYou‬ ‪#‎healthyliving‬ ‪#‎guiltfreeholidays‬ #YouMakeYou ‪#‎indulgeanddetox‬ ‪#‎momonamission‬ ‪#‎nutritionalcleansingforthewin‬

Transformation Thursday!

A Huge congrats to a teammate and an inspiration to so many... Jamie shared her beautiful story at our team training and it reminds me how proud and honored to be working along side such positive influential individuals on this journey to healing others. I am in awe that yet another person joined our team simply for the products and went on to build a six figure income simply because they simply saw the vision and ran with it!!! When you turn your light on to the endless possibilities you will be amazed at how you can truly transform your life!

You look outstanding Jamie! Keep shining your light bright for the World to see! Look forward to celebrating with you in beautiful San Diego @Celebration with our incredible team next week!